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Crude Royalties offers oil and gas royalties with several ownership and tax benefits

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There are a lot of great things about living in America.

And one of those great things, in our humble opinion, is the ability to invest in oil and gas royalties.  No other oil-producing nation offers that to its people. Mineral and royalty interests are owned by the government.  Period.

So what exactly are oil and gas royalties, and why would you want to invest in them?

Well for starters, royalty owners don’t operate wells, or have any of the associated costs involved with permitting, drilling, and compliance with governmental safety regulations.  That’s all handled (and paid for) by the operator.  But rather, royalty owners directly own a percentage of the oil and gas under the ground, and based on the research that companies like Crude Royalties does before acquiring ownership in existing producing wells, the royalty owners have a good idea where their ROI will be coming from.  It’s a little like having your own underground vault, and once the assets (oil and gas) are taken from the vault, you get paid.

This differs from owning an actual oil lease.  A lease owner in effect gets a “signing bonus” to lease their land to a producer.  In addition, they get monthly lease payments from the producer whether or not that land is developed into a producing field.  Royalties are available for investment only after oil is discovered, drilled, and brought to the surface to be sold.  No dry holes, no capital expenses for drilling and production equipment.  Only Black Gold (or Texas Tea, as Jed Clampett would say).

So take advantage of what America, and only America, has to offer.  The exceptional investment opportunity of oil and gas Royalties.  And it begins by contacting Crude Royalties.

Crude Royalties is looking for individuals, corporations, foundations, endowments, partnerships and other entities who would like to invest in oil and gas royalties.

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